Delighted to announce that the blog/podcast has been shortlisted for the Littlewoods Ireland Blog Awards 2016. The public vote opens today and accounts for 20% of the overall mark. Polls close at midnight on the 23rd of August.

Vote here! 

Also by way of celebration, I’ll be on Facebook Live with Dr. Cara Augustenborg on her Facebook page at 11:30 am  on the 31st of August. I’m going to record this live interview to launch the next round of conversations with women who make for the podcast.

Cara is an environmental scientist and communication expert specializing in climate change impacts and solutions. Her own blog The Verdant Yank has also been shortlisted for the #LWIBloggies2016 and she’ll be sharing with me some of her passion for climate change activism and her developing love of blogging and writing.

I’m excited about some of the interviewees I’ve got lined up for the autumn so stay tuned.





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