You know the way….


You know the way you write a big long blog post on the day you’re supposed to be packing to return home from the holidays and you know the way you lose the whole freaking blog post and can’t get back to it until almost a week later?


I was trying to multi task and write a post bragging about how I had managed to nab a great conversation with a terrific female artist while at the same time try and pack for my entire family and it all went horribly wrong. Well, we got packed and we got home but life has taken over and here we are.

But, yes, stay tuned over the coming weeks for some great podcasts starting with this Wednesday when Dr. Cara Augustenborg and I will be talking climate change, motherhood and spirituality on her Facebook page in a LIVE interview. Very exciting and a little bit nerve wracking too. The whole thing will be recorded and released as a podcast shortly afterwards especially for those of you who are not on Facebook.

Also, just a heads up while we’re talking about Facebook, I’ve recently decided to merge my personal page and my Strut and Bellow page so that I’m not posting across different pages. So if you haven’t already, please like and follow me now at Melanie Clark Pullen – Strut and Bellow as I will shortly be deleting the original Strut and Bellow FB page.  Also, don’t forget to follow me on Instagram.

If you voted for me at the Littlewood Ireland Blog awards, thank you so much. The awards night is on the 15th of September and I’m looking forward to a fun night. I’m eager to meet some of the other entries and possibly get a few exciting female bloggers to come on the podcast.

In the meantime, if you’re looking for something inspiring to listen to, may I recommend Rob Bell’s Robcast. I had the privilege of spending a day at one of his How to Be Here seminars in Belfast over the summer. It was a very energising and inspiring day. Check him out.

See you Wednesday morning at 11:30 LIVE on Facebook.

Until then, keep struttin’ and bellowin’.





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