Keeping Creative – Leave the dishes

It used to be that auditions were my job. They came in every week. I’d spend my time, learning lines, preparing, traveling in to the centre of London, meeting the casting people or directors and coming home to wait for the call as to whether I was successful or not. It was a roller coaster... Continue Reading →

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Shout Out Friday – Vicky Blades

Here's the video of my Shout Out Friday chat with Vicky Blades. Details of the event she mentions, Investing in me, in Belfast next month are below.     Investing in Me - An insightful and inspiring day of mindfulness, coaching and learning to support good mental well-being for those involved in the Arts in NI. We... Continue Reading →

Keeping Creative – Be brave

My first encounter with depression was at a time when, from the outside, you’d have thought I had the perfect life. Plucked from obscurity to play a role on a leading British TV drama/soap watched by millions, earning money unheard of for most 22 year olds, living in London at the height of Cool Britannia;... Continue Reading →

Shout Out Friday – Amy de Bhrún

I first came across Amy de Bhrún when I heard about her through her sister, actress and singer Fiona Browne. My sister and I went to see her one woman show The Female of the Species at the Mayfield Restaurant in Dublin a couple of years ago. She was funny, poignant and gorgeous, clearly a talented actress... Continue Reading →

Happy International Women’s Day!

  Two years ago today I launched the podcast and blog at the Waking the Feminist event in Dublin for International Women's Day. I invited my friend Noni Stapleton to be my first interviewee and we mostly cackled through our chat. My vision for the podcast has grown and expanded and only now am I... Continue Reading →

Shout Out Friday – replay

Here's the low down on how our sell out show The Vagina Monologues that played at the Lyric theatre on the 25th of February came to be. Don't forget to sign up for the newsletter to get the latest information on upcoming shows and events first.

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