Yoga summer challenge

Finally summer is here and it’s glorious! I lived for two and a half years on the French Riviera and it spoiled me. I’m back in Ireland 11 years now but I still crave the heat and vivid summer colours of that beautiful part of the world. 

Now that I’m finally getting over this awful, energy zapping cough it’s time build up some strength again.

I got to my regular yoga class the other evening with my fabulous teacher Rachel. It had been a while what with one thing and another. I was reminded how much my body loves to move and how great it feels when I do yoga. 

So I’ve set myself a #yogasummerchallenge to get on the mat every day of June. It’s a busy month and with the end of the school year in sight, everyone’s weary. I’m not promising to do a full 90 minutes every day. There will be some days that I may only manage savasana! But my intention is to feel that gorgeous energy and juicy suppleness returning. 

You can now follow me on Instagram @strutandbellow where I’ll be posting something of yoga summer challenge pictorial journal. 

Enjoy the sunshine while it lasts everyone, may your hearts and bodies be warmed!


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