Resolving not to resolve

We made it! If, like me, you felt like you were just limping to the end of the year then congratulations, you got over the line, you made it through 2016!

Usually at this time of year, I’m full of energy and buzz and plans. A couple of years ago, I relaxed my use of resolutions and switched to the softer sounding ‘intentions’ but I still set high standards and had lofty ideals. And of course, I got to a couple of weeks into January and would bemoan how crap I was at keeping my word.

This year, I haven’t made one single resolution or intention. I have no goals mapped out or list of achievements to reach. I was really just grateful to make it to the end of 2016 somewhat intact and the coming 12 months hold so much that is unknown for my family and I that setting intentions feels like a moot point.

So this post is for those of you who half heartedly make resolutions and intentions because it’s what you do at this time of year. Let yourselves off the hook. All I’m going to do is take each day as it comes and see what it brings me. If I manage to achieve things that make my life better and make the people closest to me feel more loved then bonus.

I’m not going to set myself up for failure but neither am I going to expect it. Each day is a gift with beauty just waiting to be unwrapped. Let’s see what’s inside today. Happy New Year!

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