Shout Out – Lucy H. Pearce of Womancraft Publishing

This is a regular series of shout outs, to bellow about women I admire and am inspired by. Some of them I know, some I don’t but in their own ways they have touched my heart. I hope you’ll click on their links to find out more about them.

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen my story last week about my excitement at receiving a gorgeous new book in the post. It was the new offering from Womancraft Publishing Full Circle Health – integrated health charting for women by writer and publisher Lucy H. Pearce.

I’ve been following Lucy, the Amazon-bestselling author of Moon Time, Burning Woman and The Rainbow Way, online for a few years and watched as she has steadily and consistently built a publishing company dedicated to supporting and enhancing women’s wellbeing. The first book I read of hers was The Rainbow Way, which revolutionised how I saw myself as a mother. For the first time, I felt affirmed in the conflict I felt between wanting to be a good mother and a good artist at the same time. Lucy lit the path for me to integrate the different parts of myself, assuage some of the guilt I felt at the strong pull I had towards my creative life and also empower me to be the best mum I could be for my children.

Along with titles by other writers, not least the groundbreaking Liberating Motherhood by Vanessa Olorenshaw, Womancraft Publishing also sells gorgeous gifts like the stunning pocket Goddesses from Brigid’s Grove.

In describing Full Circle Health, it’s best to have Lucy in her own words:

What happens when we pay close attention to the information that our bodies and minds are presenting us with? What happens when we dare to be truly present to the intricacies of our lives? What happens when we integrate cyclical ways of knowing and being into our daily lives?

Welcome to Full Circle Health. A creative approach to holistic health for all who love planners, trackers and bullet journals. Full Circle Health provides a highly flexible, deeply supportive way of tracking your physical, mental and emotional health.

Find guidance on:  Cycles and why they are important for women’s health  Health charting for a variety of physical and mental health conditions  Menstrual charting  Lunar charting  Dream charting  Guided journaling

With 35 daily charting spreads, a monthly habit tracker, charting grid and full circle charts, this integrated tool will help you to track your symptoms, energy levels, medication, self-care and support you in integrating health-making habits and mindful awareness into your daily life.

Since joining Kate Northrup’s Origin Collective last month and taking a yoga workshop with Lou Horgan, it’s become very clear to me that a woman’s cycle can be her superpower and getting to know your own body and its rhythms as a woman can be incredibly empowering. Lucy’s gorgeous book is a vital tool in this path.               

There’s a real integrity to Lucy’s work which shines through. She doesn’t pull any punches, she’s holds her creative freedom very tightly (see Burning Woman) but she has created a platform big enough to share with other talented writers and artists. Her ethical business model ensures that her writers benefit fairly from their books sales, rather than a traditional publishing company taking the lion’s share.

Stay tuned as I hope to get her on the podcast soon so that she can share more of her wisdom with us. In the meantime, grab yourself a copy of Full Circle Health  from Amazon, Book Depository or straight from Lucy herself at Womancraft Publishing.

You can find Lucy on Instagram and Facebook and her own personal blog Dreaming Aloud as well.


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