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How to survive the summer

I'm going to be honest. I'm knackered. It's that time of year when the countdown is on to the end of term. If I get another reminder in someone's lunch box for something not handed in or paid for, I think I might scream. Only 5 more mornings hustling three children out the door. Only... Continue Reading →

Shout Out Friday – Tara Doolan

  When Cerstin Mudiwa emailed to say she was working on a project with an up and coming female director I wanted to know more. Today I got to chat with Tara Doolan who, with her partner Pius McGrath has created Honest Arts, where together they create theatre (writing, directing, designing) that deals with the... Continue Reading →

Shout Out Friday – Go BIG

There was lots to talk about in today's Shout Out Friday. Angela Josephine's new album Daylight went LIVE this morning. Check out her dawn chorus live on Facebook! You can listen to Angela and I chat about the album on the Strut and Bellow podcast. Karen Hickey's solo exhibition Clothed launches tonight at the Signal... Continue Reading →

The why.

Never underestimate the power of women, friends. At the beginning of this year, I couldn't have imagined that in a mere 4 months I'd have a sell out show on my hands and a demand for it that right now feels daunting considering the size of the cast. But each of the women in the... Continue Reading →

Shout Out Friday – Vicky Blades

Here's the video of my Shout Out Friday chat with Vicky Blades. Details of the event she mentions, Investing in me, in Belfast next month are below.     Investing in Me - An insightful and inspiring day of mindfulness, coaching and learning to support good mental well-being for those involved in the Arts in NI. We... Continue Reading →

Keeping Creative – Be brave

My first encounter with depression was at a time when, from the outside, you’d have thought I had the perfect life. Plucked from obscurity to play a role on a leading British TV drama/soap watched by millions, earning money unheard of for most 22 year olds, living in London at the height of Cool Britannia;... Continue Reading →

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