A friend of mine is soon presenting her own work for public consumption. She’s one of the bravest people I know. It’s not easy being an actor in a small town, when there isn’t a lot of work but she has persevered. I’ve watched her, in awe, it has to be said, as she has spoken her dreams out loud, made plans and gone for them. I’ve watched her trust the Universe for its co-operation, expected good things and gone after what her heart’s desires. It’s not been a pain free ride, but I’ve seen her smile and laugh and sigh with happiness on many occasions.

People will come and watch her work and applaud her no doubt. They’ll say she did a great job, they’ll admire her gifts in writing and performance. But they won’t have seen the sheer tenacity, the courage it takes to get up every morning and write about things dear to the heart. They won’t have watched her grow in beauty and wisdom.

I have seen her. I have watched her go where angels fear to tread, her heart pumping her life force all over her sleeve.

Here’s to you my dear brave friend. May your work be a blessing to all who see it. You are amazing.