The artist Róisín O’Farrell did a great post today on how she handles bad days in the studio. She’s a prolific artist and her paintings are snapped up. It’s one of my secret ambitions to own one of her paintings some day ( and have the requisite lovely home to put it in!)

I especially appreciated her comment that sometimes you need to have a bit of compassion for yourself, don’t bully yourself when it’s just not happening.

Today I’m taking her advice. The past two weeks have been tough dealing with my 4 year old’s storms and I’m very, very tired. When the baby went for his nap, I made some coffee and sat and did my morning pages, a writing/spiritual practise that is becoming indispensible once again. Then I called my sister and then I just sat in the silence for a bit. Sometimes, the body just needs that.

And there’s the baby calling so off I go again….