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Episode 5

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  It was my great pleasure to talk to Heather McKay for Episode 5 of the podcast. Heather has been my good friend for a long, long time. She was charged with looking after me at the after show party of a notorious school musical back in the day and we’ve been firm friends ever since. I’ve seen her flourish as an

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Zwischen Time

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When I was pregnant with my third child, my yoga teacher talked a lot about those agonising last few weeks as you near your due date. You’re heavily pregnant, you’re sick of being heavily pregnant, you can’t wait to meet your baby but you’re also aware that life’s going to get crazy when your baby finally comes. She called it the ‘zwischen time’,

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Episode Four

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Today I’m very excited to share my conversation with a truly inspiring woman, Lian Bell.  Lian is a set designer, arts manager and the instigator of the Waking the Feminists movement. It was Lian who publicly voiced her anger and frustration at the Abbey Theatre’s lack of gender diversity in their programme for 2016, and who became the leader of

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So I was supposed to post another podcast this week, apologies if you were anxiously waiting for the next instalment of inspiration and encouragement. I was however called away to an audition in London so, as a maker myself, I had to give my focus and attention to getting prepared. I’ll be honest, the auditions haven’t exactly been coming in

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