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Today I’m very excited to share my conversation with a truly inspiring woman, Lian BellLian Bell. Photo credit Roise Goan.jpg

Lian is a set designer, arts manager and the instigator of the Waking the Feminists movement. It was Lian who publicly voiced her anger and frustration at the Abbey Theatre’s lack of gender diversity in their programme for 2016, and who became the leader of a team of women who have challenged the Irish arts scene to reflect the fact that women make up half the population and need to have their voices heard and experiences shared. Lian was recently honoured by the Irish theatre community with a Judges’ special award, for leading the Waking the Feminists movement with courage and conviction, highlighting the inequalities in Irish theatre and advocating sustainable change.

We met up in Project Arts Centre a few weeks ago and discussed the clarion call that got so many women on board as well as her own work in the theatre scene in Dublin.

You can find out more about the Waking the Feminists movement and how to support their goal to achieve gender parity in the theatre five years at their website. Lian has her own site as well which details her collaborations over the years.

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Next time, I’ll be sharing my conversation with illustrator and artist Heather McKay.

In the meantime, keep struttin’ and bellowin’



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