We’re back with a bang. Today’s episode is the Facebook Live conversation I recorded with Dr. Cara Augustenborg on the 31st of August. I was holding off releasing the podcast because Cara was a finalist in the Littlewood Ireland Blog awards in the Current Affairs category and I kind of had a feeling she might be a winner. My instinct is never wrong!

Huge congratulations to Littlewood Ireland Best Current Affairs Blog award winner Cara Augustenborg of The Verdant Yank! And if you’re wondering about the wild make up on our esteemed winner, the awards ceremony was held at Duffy’s circus and all finalists were encouraged to dress up. If there’s one thing about Cara, she does nothing by halves!carawinner

Cara is an environmental scientist and communication expert specializing in climate change impacts and solutions. She lectures in ‘Climate Change and the Environment’ at University College Dublin and in Trinity’s Business School on ‘Business and the Natural Environment’.

Cara conducted her doctoral research at Teagasc and was the Irish Ambassador for Ben & Jerry’s Climate Change College, traveling to the Arctic with the late Marc Cornelissen in 2008 to witness the impacts of climate change first-hand. She currently serves as Chairperson for Friends of the Earth Ireland and represented the NGO at the Paris Climate Summit last December.


We talked about her shift from purely working on the science behind climate change to becoming an activist. While she is able to understand and share the dire reality of climate change, what I liked about our conversation was her hope about the possibilities for a brighter future. She talks about how becoming a mother impacted her commitment to seeing positive change here in Ireland and abroad.

Her award winning blog can be found at The Verdant Yank.

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