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Hang in there!

Miz Melly/ January 20, 2017/ Uncategorized/ 0 comments

How are you getting on? We’re mid-way through January and this is the point that a lot of people find really tough. It’s still dark in the mornings and the days are short. My mother used to call this time of year the darkest 6 weeks. Even the daylight has been grey for three days in a row where I live.

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Resolving not to resolve

Miz Melly/ January 5, 2017/ Uncategorized/ 0 comments

[wpvideo xuJGwzit] We made it! If, like me, you felt like you were just limping to the end of the year then congratulations, you got over the line, you made it through 2016! Usually at this time of year, I’m full of energy and buzz and plans. A couple of years ago, I relaxed my use of resolutions and switched

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