Shout out – Seabloom Art

Shortly after we moved, I was feeling a bit homesick and even though we are by the sea here in North Down, I was aching for my Wicklow coastline. So I decided to treat myself to a piece of Seabloom Art – a gorgeous pendant with sea glass collected from the shore close to where I’m from. IMG_0001Nancy Falkow’s beautiful creations have been gifted to many friends over the years. I bought her little bookmarks as gifts for teachers and her pictures as presents for friends overseas. I bought a similar necklace for a dear friend who had moved inland in France away from the azur blue of the Mediterranean.

Nancy’s work is just delightful and all her pieces are unique. She brings such imagination and joy to her work and she finds such treasures that she then creates into wonderful works of art. Her work is displayed in local galleries in Wicklow and has travelled far and wide.


Follow Nancy on Instagram @seabloomart or go to to buy direct via her etsy shop.

Thank you Nancy for sending me a little piece of home. I will treasure this always.


Disclaimer: I’m not in receipt of any remuneration for my Shout Out slot. I genuinely want to bring attention to women and work that inspires and delights me. If you think you have something you’d like to share here then please feel free to contact me on 




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