All I want for Christmas Part 2

I’m practically drooling at all of the lovely things on this list. Treat yourself to some luxurious browsing with a nice cup of tea.

Maple Tree Pottery


The wonderful potter started out making things in her kitchen and only this year has got her own studio in the back garden. I’ve gifted her lovely things to many a friend and have always had a warm response.

On the Verge


A French woman living in Cork making stunning ethical clothes and accessories. You couldn’t make it up.

Vanessa Marsh

VanessaMarshMoonI know I should be making a list of these gorgeous paintings and gift them to other people but I kind of want them all. Beautiful paintings on vintage book pages. What’s not to like?

Sarah Bessey


I have followed Sarah Bessey’s journey on her blog for nearly a decade and her books have been an affirmation and encouragement on my own journey to an authentic expression of my faith. She’s a strong and prophetic voice for Christian women navigating the 21st century.

Paula Batt


This is a local artist in my new hometown. She does all of her work by hand and has a delightful little studio on the seafront. I’ve sent her paper cut pieces of Belfast and the Giant’s Causeway to far flung shores.

There are so many wonderful independent artists and buying from them around this time of year makes a huge difference. You’re not paying into a monolithic empire where the profits go to a very few. You’re investing in a small business and helping them grow. Keep your local artists in mind this Christmas and share the love.





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