Shout Out – WildCard by Jenny Large

It’s always so exciting when someone you know reveals a talent that you had no idea they had. There’s nothing I like more than to celebrate women’s creativity so I’m delighted to shout out Jenny Large’s new venture WildCard.

Jenny and I had children in the same class when I lived in Wicklow. I knew she had a background in advertising and production design but what I didn’t know was that she was also a beautifully perceptive and talented photographer. She has just launched a range of stunning Christmas cards with images of Wicklow in winter.

Dan tree darker

She’s taken her passion for the outdoors and her love of the mountains and valleys of Wicklow and created a range of Christmas cards that are so pretty, you’ll want to frame them. I’ve scrolled through them and can’t decide which I want for me and which I want to send to family far afield!

Jenny signs and hand titles each card, the photos themselves are printed on gorgeous top quality paper and individually mounted on card stock.

first frost no envShe’s just getting started so I imagine there’ll be many more stunning images to collect as Jenny spreads her wings.  Be sure to like and share her Facebook page and check out her brand spanking new shiny website, beautifully designed by her husband, Paudge.

All the best Jenny, I look forward to seeing your lovely work travel far and wide this Christmas.

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