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This was awesome to discovery yesterday morning and when I called just now to see if any of the extra seats they’d released were left, I was told they too had gone. So on Sunday night we will have a full house which for an actor is a wonderful feeling. When you stand up on that stage, with all the

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The V Word

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There’s nothing quite like it. Being in a room with other actresses giggling over the various names for our most intimate body parts. There’s nothing quite like being in a room with other actresses full stop. But add to the mix a very female subject matter, the fact that most of us have children and therefore have either had to

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Shout out Friday – Jane Fonda

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Hi there, here’s the replay of my Live Shout Out Friday where I give a shout out to the magnificent Jane Fonda whose autobiography My Life so far I found really inspiring. Her take on the spirituality and the patriarchy gave voice to a lot of my own feelings around there Christianity has lost its way. [wpvideo x8Z9hR27] I also gave a

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With St. Valentine’s Day around the corner, you could be holding one of two postures; excited to share the love, whatever that might look like, or cynically smirking in a corner and despising the Hallmark romanticism of the day. You may be delightedly planning cards or gifts to a lover or a friend or bemoaning the fact that no sooner

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Shout Out Friday

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[wpvideo HgumtUUa] So I did my first live feed on Facebook and Instagram and today I gave a shout out to St. Brigid as her feast day was a couple of days ago on the 1st of February. In the video I share the story of her encounter with the King of Leinster and how her faith and determination can

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I hereby declare January a write off. I also hereby declare that from now on I’m not even going to consider January a suitable time to start anything, launch anything, set myself up for anything because I am finally getting it into my thick 21st century mind/body that Spring doesn’t start till February. And Spring is when the energy kicks

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