Janine Boyd

A few weeks ago, I went to a photography workshop round at Janine Boyd’s house in an attempt to learn a few tips so that I can have a more interesting Instagram feed. We met through Picking up the Pieces artist, Lyn Magill, on one of her sea swimming adventures. I didn’t know Janine well but a quick look at her site let me know that she knew a thing or two about making things look spectacular and I thought I might have fun having a go if nothing else.


What I didn’t realise was that not only was Janine a terrific photographer but she was also a gifted teacher and in a short two hour workshop I’d learnt invaluable tips and tricks of the trade and had a go at, what she calls, ‘faffery’ – arranging pretty items in a pleasing way for a photo.

Janine’s approach is simple; to capture the beauty in the everyday and confesses that she has been known to walk into lampposts as she focuses what she sees to document in everyday life.

(c) Janine Boyd Photography

I sat down with Janine in her home the other week and we talked about photography,  her love of teaching and seeing the world in a unique way. We also chatted about our shared love of sea swimming and how helpful we both find it for dealing with anxiety.

I’m so grateful to Janine for opening up and sharing her world with me and now with you. She mentions a Christmas ‘faffery’ workshop that she’s planning and you can sign up for more information on that at her website.  You can follow her on Instagram where she will often lead you to other gorgeous grids.

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