Strut and Bellow The Podcast

I started a podcast back in 2016 before podcasting was a ‘thing’.  I wanted to hear the stories of women like me who were creative and who had something to say but weren’t being heard on a broader platform. So I started asking people I knew to chat with me.

I launched Strut and Bellow The Podcast on International Women’s Day in 2016 at a Waking the Feminists event in Dublin. I uploaded an episode a week for 6 weeks and and then more intermittently over the following year.

When I moved to Northern Ireland and found myself in the midst of a vibrant creative community I had the idea to start doing video interviews every week and called the Shout Out Fridays. I’d always had the intention to upload the audio from these chats to the podcast but didn’t manage to do it until recently.

I’m relaunching the podcast soon with a line up of really great women and discussing issues of creativity, empowerment and womanhood. For now, please enjoy the conversations I’ve had over 4 years and also be sure to check out the links to the women themselves and see where they are now.

All the audio and video conversations are here on this page.

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Episode 1 – Noni Stapleton – actress and writer

Episode 2 – Roisín O’ Farrell – artist

Episode 3 – Charlotte Darbyshire – choreographer and dance film maker

Episode 4 – Lian Bell – set designer, arts manager and founder of Waking the Feminists

Episode 5 – Heather Mc Kay – artist and illustrator


Episode 6 – Aoife Spillane Hinks – theatre director

Episode 7 – Susan Bracken – actress

Episode 8 – Cara Augustenborg – climate scientist and activist

Episode 9 – Amanda Coogan – artist

Episode 10 – Angela Josephine – Musician and artist

Episode 11 – Mel Wiggins – writer and activist

Episode 12 – Janine Boyd – photographer

Episode 13 – Lucy Pearce – writer and artist

Episode 14 – Nandi Jola – a conversation from February 2018 when we were working together on The Vagina Monologues at the Lyric Theatre, Belfast

Episode 15 – Amy de Bhrún – a conversation from March 2018 when Amy was crowdfunding for her play I SEE YOU, which subsequently premiered that summer in Theatre Upstairs, Dublin before going on a national tour.

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