Inside every Desire Map Planner: 


    • Alignment: Prompts to help you align your thoughts + actions + how you want to feel.
    • Gratitude: Note what you’re thankful for—and take it further with why you’re grateful for it. A small but powerful practice.
  • Not working/stop doing: When’s the last time a planner prompted you to take something OFF your to do list? This day planner does it ALL the time.
    • Sacred pauses: Every month features a mantra, affirmation, or prayer.
    • #Truthbombs: Discreet prompts on every page.
    • 2021 astrology guide: Easy-to-grasp key astro markers. NEW in 2021: Moon cues—potent times for releasing old energy.
  • NEW! Feast days + birthdays: We honour teachers and leaders from various faiths and social change activism..

25% off what’s in DANIELLE LAPORTE’S shop: A gift code for all books/ebooks, meditations, and audios.

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