This was awesome to discovery yesterday morning and when I called just now to see if any of the extra seats they'd released were left, I was told they too had gone. So on Sunday night we will have a full house which for an actor is a wonderful feeling. When you stand up on... Continue Reading →

The V Word

There's nothing quite like it. Being in a room with other actresses giggling over the various names for our most intimate body parts. There's nothing quite like being in a room with other actresses full stop. But add to the mix a very female subject matter, the fact that most of us have children and... Continue Reading →

Shout out Friday – Jane Fonda

Hi there, here's the replay of my Live Shout Out Friday where I give a shout out to the magnificent Jane Fonda whose autobiography My Life so far I found really inspiring. Her take on the spirituality and the patriarchy gave voice to a lot of my own feelings around there Christianity has lost its way. I... Continue Reading →


With St. Valentine’s Day around the corner, you could be holding one of two postures; excited to share the love, whatever that might look like, or cynically smirking in a corner and despising the Hallmark romanticism of the day. You may be delightedly planning cards or gifts to a lover or a friend or bemoaning... Continue Reading →

Shout Out Friday

So I did my first live feed on Facebook and Instagram and today I gave a shout out to St. Brigid as her feast day was a couple of days ago on the 1st of February. In the video I share the story of her encounter with the King of Leinster and how her faith... Continue Reading →


I hereby declare January a write off. I also hereby declare that from now on I'm not even going to consider January a suitable time to start anything, launch anything, set myself up for anything because I am finally getting it into my thick 21st century mind/body that Spring doesn't start till February. And Spring... Continue Reading →

Solstice musings

photo credit: Unknown I discovered today that the 20th of December, as well as heralding the festival of Yule and the Winter Solstice is also called Modraniht or Mother's Night. In old pagan cultures, it was a night to honour mothers and female ancestors and I suppose recognise the turning of the year from the... Continue Reading →

Shout Out – Kristen (and Rob) Bell

Not many people will have heard of Kristen Bell and she probably prefers it that way. Her husband, on the other hand, is a renowned and sometimes controversial figure in the American Christian subculture. He was once a mega church pastor but he left that role, moved to California and is now an inspirational speaker... Continue Reading →


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