Dropping the ball

It's taken me a couple of weeks but I've finally figured out the source of a gnawing sense of restlessness and unease. I've had this low level panic running underneath my days and have been avoiding looking at it head on by scrolling through Facebook and Instagram and eating chocolate biscuits. I've been overtired, snappish … Continue reading Dropping the ball


I've noticed in recent weeks just how far north we have moved because the evenings draw in even earlier than I expected. The shift in seasons is always a weird time because I'm someone who craves daylight and blue skies and nothing makes me happier than long, bright evenings. Indeed, it was what I missed … Continue reading Winter

Enough to mother

This is me having got the three children back into school after half term. It's been a hectic couple of weeks with visitors and travelling to see family and friends over the break. I've filled up on good conversation, soul food and laughter over the past fortnight but there comes a point when I crave … Continue reading Enough to mother